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I met Barbara Mackey back in 1989.  I was completely against "psychic" abilities and believed that all psychic's were scam artists one way or another.   I was very conservative, worked at a bank, was engaged to a nice guy and never ever would spend money on a "reading".  My co-workers at the time were all excited about "the psychic lady" they were all going to see.  They asked if I wanted to come with them to hear my future.  I laughed at them and told them I'd save them time and money.  I said to them.... "You're all going to get married, have 3 kids each and live happily ever after."  On the day after they visited with Barbara they were even more excited and I, more skeptical.  How could a stranger know about your personal life?  I still laughed at them but was shut up quickly when they mentioned I had an appointment that very evening!  Don't ask me why I went, I just did.

Sitting on Barbara's couch that very first time was nothing like the images I saw on tv.  She had a great sense of style, her home was beautiful.  Barb didn't come out greeting me with a gypsy costume on, she made tea, was pleasant  and didn't ask any personal questions.  It was not at all what I expected however, I was ready to not give up an ounce of personal information.  I wanted to see this "fraud" try and fool me.  One of the first things she told me was that I had a broken toe on my right foot.  I couldn't imagine how she knew that.  I had shoes on that were completely enclosed and didn't walk funny.  As a matter of fact, I broke that toe in the 3rd grade and although it was a little crooked, no one I worked with knew about it!  She then started telling me personal things in my life. Things that no one knew about.  She was so accurate that it amazed me and freaked me out a bit.  How could this be real?  How could this woman know so much about me?  Not only did she know about my past, she predicted some really strange things in my future. All which came true over the following 2 years. 

In 1995 I suffered a personal tragedy. On March 31, 1995 my brother Joey drowned in Barnegat Bay.  Barbara had predicted a death in a previous reading but when you hear something like that you think of the elderly people in you life.  Joey was 22.  Joey's drowning made all the news papers in the State and through most of the East Coast.  There were search planes, helicopters, lots of boats and divers all looking for him.  Not to mention myself and a group of dedicated friends searching.  The water temperature at that time was somewhere near 36 degrees.  The experts at the scene finally told me that if Joey did drown, his body would not float but sink until the water temperature was warmer. We would have to wait.   Days passed and then weeks.  I had consulted Barbara on April 1, 1995 when I heard my brother was missing.  She told me he had passed away and wouldn't be found right away.  I didn't want to believe her and thought "maybe he's somewhere hurt"  or "maybe he got scared and ran away to a friends house".   Barbara also told me Joey would be found at Good Luck Point.  I brought this information to the Police officer on the scene on the third day of the search.  He took out a map and stated that it would be impossible with the direction of the water current and that they will continue looking in the opposite direction.  When I told him I got the information from a psychic he just shut me down and didn't want to hear another word. 

Joey was missing for almost a month before his body floated to the waters surface and was found by a Good Luck Point.  A couple of months after Joey was put to rest I was speaking to Barbara and she stated she had a message from Joey.  It was a message that I really needed at that point in my life.  At the time of my brother's death, he and I  were not speaking.  No one knew that, no one.  Barbara gave me a message that not only gave me peace but made me laugh.  It was a detailed message in response to our arguing, a conversation I had with one of his friends the week before and about things I said out loud when I was home alone feeling guilty about being on bad terms with him.  It's always hard to lose someone you love to a tragedy but I was able to  receive closure thanks to Barbara and her special gift.

My life until the late 90's was one of suffering and struggle.  I didn't have a family to turn to for support or guidance.  I went through times where I was homeless and barely able to feed myself.  I slept in my car and got to my job 2 hours early so I could "wash up" in the bathroom before anyone got there.  Life was always a struggle.  Imagine my surprise when Barbara read for me that I would be going to Mexico and Hawaii.  She read that I would have children and a real home and my life would be filled with love (the reading I always worried about!).  I was a poor Jersey girl with no prospects of a better life.  I had no family support and had to drop out of my night college classes because I worked multiple jobs and fell asleep during class.  I had never left the tri-state area, never mind visiting Mexico & Hawaii.  The life Barbara explained had to be someone else's.  I figured she can't be right all the time, right?  Every one of Barbara's predictions has come true.  I have vacationed in Mexico a couple of times and  I am writing this from my home in Hawaii while my two beautiful children and my partner of 10 years sleeps.  How could Barbara have seen this?  How my life is now, Barbara predicted long before it was even a fantasy for me.  Barbara is just amazing.

I have been consulting with Barbara for almost 20 years now.  Sometimes I just need clarity on life's direction.  She has guided me through good and bad and shown me a beacon of light when I needed it.  Her gift has been proven in my life many, many times from health issues to business dealings.  I would definitely recommend  her services to anyone!

Cheryl Santiago, Volcano, HI 

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