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A bad breakup prompted my first call to Barbara. Confused and heartbroken, searching everywhere for answers, I sat trying to unravel the mess that my life had become so suddenly. Then I remembered hearing Barbara on the radio one morning. "I wonder how to get in touch with her?" I asked myself. I grabbed the phone book, sure that someone as well known and in demand as she wouldn't ever be listed, but through my tears, I flipped thorough anyway....and there she was! Right there, listed like everyone else, in the white pages! I grabbed the phone, spilling the phone book off my lap and dialed. "Hello? " I heard on the other end of the phone. I was sure it must be some other Barbara Mackey who probably got bothered all the time by people trying to reach the famous psychic. I explained who I was and what I was looking for, sure that it must be the wrong number."That's me!" Barbara said with a warm laugh. I knew I liked her right away.

The day of the reading I walked in and Barbara started telling me things that only I know while I still had my coat on. I hadn't even gotten to sit down yet and she was already telling me why I was there, what had happened and why I'd be better off for it. We went through quite a few boxes of tissues that day as Barbara assured me that very shortly, none of this would matter- that I would be meeting the man I would marry! She gave me his description, as well as told me that he was "right under my nose". 

Two days later I started dating my now fiance. He had been a friend of the family for many, many years. Barbara not only described him incredibly accurately, she even referred to him by name. We have been engaged (which Barbara also predicted to the day) for quite awhile now and are extremely happy, just as psychic Barbara predicted!

-Suzanne Sorensen. New York, NY

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