Barbara Mackey Medium, Psychic Detective, Medical Intuitive & Teacher
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Animal Intuitive Readings!

mercedes benz

Barbara has been a pet intuitive for over twenty five years. Any animal in need of her help whether it be body, mind or spirit, Barbara talks to your pet and they telepathically talk back. Her skills include diagnosing medical problems, behaviorally, and emotional issues. Also she can help if your pet is connecting with the spirit world, and  having negative reactions to a landlocked entity. 

Barbara will work with your psychically intuned pet to evaluate what needs to be done to release and guide the spirit to another realm. Earthbound spirits make themselves known more readily to animals than humans as your pets use their sixth sense daily. 

I rescued Mercedes, she was a stray...  three years ago and adopted her. It was love at first sight. Psychically something told me "Go get a cat". Frankly I've always been a dog person, but, I listened to my intuition. I gave her the name Mercedes, which was my mother's middle name. Mercedes Benz Mackey it was! She was skinny, and very sick. I was at the vet every week. I nursed her and she slept with me every night. I would look at her as she rested peacefully and cry. She was safe now.

We are  forever companions.

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Hi Barbara,

  My name is Sheri Ahearn.  I just read your newspaper article in the Asbury Park Press.  I can definitely relate because I feel I have a connection to animals as well...Whenever I witness animal cruelty online through PETA or hear stories on the news, I cringe...My heart RACES 100 miles per hour and it is like I am feeling their pain....I burst into tears...It is very hard to explain this to people but I know you would understand...Sometimes, I would rather be surrounded by animals than surrounded by people....People hurt you...animals don't..They are innocent!!!  All they are looking for is love, food and attention..

Thank you for sharing your story in the paper...Looking forward to seeing your TV program on Animal Planet...

Best wishes,
Sheri Ahearn

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