Psychic Barbara Mackey
Barbara's cousin exploring the
caves beneath Culzean Castle

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Culzean Castle home of the Earls of Cassillis
Near Maybole, Scotland

Culzean Castle

From the Kennedy Chronicle: "The Kennedys were, as we know, at the period of which Crockett's “Gray Man” tells, the possessors of an Earldom, with direct descent through female lines from the Royal House of Stewart (Stuart). From my own researches while in Scotland, the estate appears to have compromised 60,000 acres with annual revenues of around $200,000.00. The main residence at that time, as it is still today, was Culzean Castle, overlooking the Firth of Clyde and surrounded by famous gardens in the Italian style. Cassillis House – a great manor house near Maybole, Maybole Castle in the town, and Newark Castle were the other main residences.

Sir Thomas Kennedy, who Crockett describes as living in Culzean Castle, was direct forbear of the branch of which Rev. Samuel Kennedy was a member."

Dunure Castle
Dunure Castle - where the Kennedy family roasted
an Abbot to obtain their property.
Once visited by Mary, Queen of Scots

From the Kennedy Chronicle: "The first historical seat of the Kennedys was, however, Denure Castle, now in complete ruins. ... It was here that Sir James Kennedy lived and it was to this castle that he brought his royal bride, Princess Mary, daughter of the reigning king of Scotland, Robert III, second of the Royal House of Stewart. Here also, in later times of which the “Gray Man” speaks, was roasted in the dungeons, on a red-hot brander, Alan Stewart, the then Abbot of Crossroguel, for the purpose of forcing him to pass title from the Church to the newly Protestant Kennedys."

Dunure Ruins
Barbara's cousin, Mike Young
in the ruins at Dunure

Photos by Mike and Kate Young