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Premonition of Accident:

Barbara has a considerable history with the owner and staff at a prestigious, albeit discriminatory, health club. One day, as the owner sat in her office with her back to the club's pool area, Barbara began to do her reading for her, errily behind the woman, Barbara saw the figure of a black teenage girl. She asked the owner, "Have you hired a black girl recently?" "No. Why do you ask?" "Well, I see a black girl standing behind you. That's unusual. I've never seen an African American here.", Barbara said. As the day went on, Barbara did readings for others on the club's staff. Over and over the teenage girl came through as a tragic figure at the club. This recurring vision proved to be the foretelling of what would be a fatal accident at the club's jacuzzi a year later. A 17-year old black girl at the health club as part of a pre-prom celebration lost her life when she drowned unable to save herself because the drain pulled her under the jacuzzi's water. The club's staff was horrified and called Barbara to remind her of her prediction a year earlier. The accident made national headlines and is still the subject of court proceedings.