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Money Can't Buy Everything:

Since money can't solve everything, even the rich and famous seek out Barbara's expertise for guidance. A famous Wall Street Broker, riding high on his fortunes and constant media attention, consulted Barbara about an upcoming lawsuit he'd felt was inconsequential, among other things. While in his NY office for the reading, Barbara looked around and offhandedly said, "Robert you won't have this office in a year. You will be living in another state and your shore house on the water will no longer be there. I feel the walls are closing in on you and you're lawsuit is not so insignificant. They are going to get you this time." He smiled cynically and replied, "Oh really. They've been after me for 25 years. Where am I going?" "You'll be living in another state and your life after this year will never be the same." It all came to pass. Within a year Robert went to trial and the government confiscated all of his material possessions. His offices were closed, his properties were taken and he now lives in another state. The new owner of his prized home at the shore, leveled it upon possession to build another. This man once known for his ruthless business acumen had fallen from grace, just as Barbara had told him he would.