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God Given Gift:

Hired to do readings at Steinbach's employee Christmas party in Brick, NJ, Barbara encounters a friend from her old neighborhood. She'd counseled her twenty-five years before when their sons were growing up together. The Cuban woman, Aleda, had been distraught over the discrimination her then five-year old son was experiencing in the neighborhood and at school. Barbara had told her then not to worry because one day her son would grow up to be a famous lawyer and judge, live in Washington D.C. and own his own plane. She told Aleda that her son's bullies would one day eat their unkind words. When she saw Barbara years later at the store, Aleda embraced her, overcome with emotion and said "Barbara, everything you said about my son came to be. He's so successful and happy. You saw it all before it happened. I'm so glad you're doing psychic work. That's what you're meant to be. God gave you the gift."