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Horse Accident:

While doing a reading for Linda, a woman she'd seen many times before, psychically Barbara saw her suffer a critical accident while riding a horse. She warned her to be careful. Linda said she had gotten hurt while riding a horse over the summer and that must be what Barbara saw. Barbara emphatically repeated that no, it was in the future and that she could be killed that way. Two days later, she was called and told that Linda was on life support at the hospital; after falling from a horse. Barbara ran to the hospital to see her although there was nothing she could for her. Linda died the next day. This sent Barbara running to her mentor, Helen, in tears feeling,like she should have done something more to prevent her death and that she had somehow failed Linda. Helen reassured Barbara, reminding her that she can not take the place of God and that telling people what she knew was really all she could do. An individual's free will would always eclipse any spoken word.